Pre- wedding Kiehl’s beauty haul

A little less than a year ago, before this blog was born, I was getting married and like any other bride, I had to make sure my wedding went perfectly and that began by taking care of my skin. Apart from the scheduled facial appointments, I needed to have something at home to keep the glow on! So… a $$$ damage was done at a Kiehl’s store. Below are the products I bought and with which I also received some free samples…yay! PS: I ran out of the cleanser I bought and forgot to take a picture of it, but I’ve … Continue reading Pre- wedding Kiehl’s beauty haul

6 Simple Beach Essentials

Summer is finally here and what better way than spending it on the beach? we recently went to Cobourg Beach which is about a ninety minute drive from Toronto. Though it was a little cloudy and a tad bit chilly, my beach essentials came in handy! Below are a few of my fav must haves when making a trip to the beach! 1. Sunscreen.  We all know the importance of Sunscreen! I always make a point to wear sunscreen every time I leave the house and wearing it to the beach is essential. I make sure to apply some on … Continue reading 6 Simple Beach Essentials

Vermicelli Dessert | Kheer

Eid is coming up and all I’m thinking of is food… In particular,  ‘DESSERTS’ For those of you who don’t know what Eid is: It’s a day where Muslims celebrate the end of a full month of fasting. You might have heard of Ramadan?! If not, then in this month, Muslims fast from dusk to dawn and spend their time in prayer. So when Eid comes in, everyone celebrates by spending time family, eating lots of good food and of course, dressed in their best attire! Kheer is a common dessert, at least from where I come from. I have … Continue reading Vermicelli Dessert | Kheer

A night spent Stargazing

This post is waaay overdue!! Okay, let’s get to it! we’ve been wanting to go stargazing for a while and we finally got a chance to do so. Unfortunately, It wasn’t a good night to see the Northern lights, but let’s hope soon especially coz Summer is coming up and we won’t be freezing while we’re out there unlike the past two times we were there! hah! After long days of planning, intense forecast studying, and searching for clear skies , we got lucky, that a perfect clear night happened to be on a Saturday, and you know what that … Continue reading A night spent Stargazing

Curried Lentil Soup

Welcome to the easiest, yummiest and delicious soup I’ve ever made. I always thought of soup as is for someone who is sick but I was wrong, not when you have something like this on your bowl! It’s so delicious and healthy, every bite is bursting with hearty flavor. I love how there’s all these different types of soups out there nowadays. The only soups I’ve known are Tomato Soup, Chicken corn soup and Sweet corn soup, (TBH, I wasn’t really into soups so didn’t care much to look around)…but then I came across this one and a few other … Continue reading Curried Lentil Soup

Giant White Chocolate Pecan Cookies

Anyone can be picky when it comes to desserts and ice-creams but when it comes to good ole’ cookies… Ah, it’s hard to say no! Especially when it’s soft and DELICIOUS like this one. These babies get slightly crunchy around the edges but still soft and chewy in the centre. Every bite is bursting with flavor and yumminess! My favorite thing about this recipe is that it that little, yummy condiments get into it, things I wasn’t expecting such Pecans and… Oh, you’ll have to read the recipe to find out ;P   While making these cookies, I was praying that … Continue reading Giant White Chocolate Pecan Cookies

Reviving an old Passion

If you have been following me for a while, you might have noticed that I have cut down making desserts and sweet dishes. YES! We are trying to lose weight! By the way, I think it’s true, people tend to gain weight after they get married. I read it on one of Popsugar’s article, or was it Women’s health mag? Don’t quite remember but it is true. My mom always told me that but I never believed her because I thought I would work out even after I got married but WHOA!! Lo and behold I was wrong! This new … Continue reading Reviving an old Passion