Healthy Green Smoothie

I’m sure we’ve all heard of the famous green smoothies and all the fancy concoctions that they’re made of. In this post, I would like to share a recipe we’ve been loving recently! The best part is you probably have all the listed ingredients in your kitchen this moment. I will list what I usually use along with other equivalents that would make the smoothie even yummier! What you will need: 1.5 cups water or coconut water 1 big handful or Spinach, Kale, or Collards 1-2 cups of banana, any berries, apples, or mango 1 date + 1 tsp grated … Continue reading Healthy Green Smoothie

Our trip to Tobermory 2017

If you have been following me for a while then you know I like to make the most of my weekends. The weekend is when we get to treat and pamper ourselves by doing things that make us happy such as going to cute coffee shops, dressing up and going on date nights, shopping sprees and the list goes on. But when there’s a long weekend, we love to go away. Doesn’t have to be far, a location that’s close, rich in history, gorgeous scenery and beautiful coffees will do šŸ˜‰ With that being said, A few months ago, we … Continue reading Our trip to Tobermory 2017

Things I want to change/start in 2018

Well, its that time of the year again where we say good bye to the current year and hello to the new one. Just like everybody else, I have some goals set for myself for 2018 too! I am a firm believer in quality over quantity, which means instead of having a whole list of things I want to change or do in the upcoming year, I’ve set a small, doable list that will help me improve as a person Plan better I have recently noticed some lifestyle changes about myself one of which is that I find more comfort … Continue reading Things I want to change/start in 2018

Apple Coffee Cake with Cream cheese filling

I still had a few apples remaining from our recent apple picking trip and I had to cook them before they went bad. After a lot of web surfing andĀ pinteresting, I came across this easy pick. I had all the ingredients at home which worked out to my favour. The aroma filled up every corner of our condo – like for real! The smell of cinnamon baking with butter brought my husband into the kitchen repeatedly to see if the cake was ready! The cake tasted just as delicious as it smelt! Crunchy on the outside but soft on the … Continue reading Apple Coffee Cake with Cream cheese filling

Banana bread smoothie bowl

What better way to start a morning than an easy 5 minute smoothie bowl? Have you ever had one for breakfast? if not, you’re not alone. This was my first time making a breakfast smoothie bowl and I was impressed with how easy and delicious it turned out to be. Perfect for a weekday too – literally took me 5 minutes! Its hearty, healthy and yummy… So you know you’re not getting hungry anytime soon after having this bowl of deliciousness! Give it a shot, lemme know what you think šŸ˜€ INGREDIENTS 2 frozen bananas 1 cup milk or almond … Continue reading Banana bread smoothie bowl

Chocolate Banana Bread

Before we head on to the recipe, I want to share a little story of how I got introduced to Banana bread and why making this bread will always beĀ  memorable. Back when I was in Florida,Ā  for a very short period of timeĀ  I stayed with one of my best friend and her parents. While I was there I got to learn a lot of things that come in handy every now and then. One of the things was making use of those old, overly ripe bananas. The beautiful lady who agreed to house me, loved having banana breads … Continue reading Chocolate Banana Bread

Some of my all time favorite perfumes

I love wearing perfumes. Not only does it make me feel and smell good, but it boosts my self confidenceā€¦and if you must know, I am always out there searching for various ways to be more confident. I have a little weird confession about myself, I may be a slight perfume hoarder. Iā€™m always trying to use as little as possible so I donā€™t run out or have to buy the same one again lol Today in this post, I am sharing some of my favourite scents. These are a little on the high end side but thatā€™s because I … Continue reading Some of my all time favorite perfumes