Apple Coffee Cake with Cream cheese filling

I still had a few apples remaining from our recent apple picking trip and I had to cook them before they went bad. After a lot of web surfing and¬†pinteresting, I came across this easy pick. I had all the ingredients at home which worked out to my favour. The aroma filled up every corner of our condo – like for real! The smell of cinnamon baking with butter brought my husband into the kitchen repeatedly to see if the cake was ready! The cake tasted just as delicious as it smelt! Crunchy on the outside but soft on the … Continue reading Apple Coffee Cake with Cream cheese filling

Banana bread smoothie bowl

What better way to start a morning than an easy 5 minute smoothie bowl? Have you ever had one for breakfast? if not, you’re not alone. This was my first time making a breakfast smoothie bowl and I was impressed with how easy and delicious it turned out to be. Perfect for a weekday too – literally took me 5 minutes! Its hearty, healthy and yummy… So you know you’re not getting hungry anytime soon after having this bowl of deliciousness! Give it a shot, lemme know what you think ūüėÄ INGREDIENTS 2 frozen bananas 1 cup milk or almond … Continue reading Banana bread smoothie bowl

Chocolate Banana Bread

Before we head on to the recipe, I want to share a little story of how I got introduced to Banana bread and why making this bread will always be¬† memorable. Back when I was in Florida,¬† for a very short period of time¬† I stayed with one of my best friend and her parents. While I was there I got to learn a lot of things that come in handy every now and then. One of the things was making use of those old, overly ripe bananas. The beautiful lady who agreed to house me, loved having banana breads … Continue reading Chocolate Banana Bread

Socca Salad – Gluten Free!

This is the original recipe, I made a few changes to the toppings because I did not have all the ingredients on hand. Everything else was cooked as instructed. So, what is a socca? Socca is a traditional dish from France. You can make all sorts of things out of socca such as pizza, flatbread, or have it plain. The main ingredients for the batter are always going to be chickpea flour, water, and olive oil. What I love most about this is that it’s made with chickpea flour which is a 100% gluten free and a good source of … Continue reading Socca Salad – Gluten Free!

Vermicelli Dessert | Kheer

Eid is coming up and all I’m thinking of is food… In particular, ¬†‘DESSERTS’ For those of you who don’t know what Eid is: It’s a day where Muslims celebrate the end of a full month of fasting. You might have heard of Ramadan?! If not, then in this month, Muslims fast from dusk to dawn and spend their time in prayer. So when Eid comes in, everyone celebrates by spending time family, eating lots of good food and of course, dressed in their best attire! Kheer is a common dessert, at least from where I come from. I have … Continue reading Vermicelli Dessert | Kheer

Curried Lentil Soup

Welcome to the easiest, yummiest and delicious soup I’ve ever made. I always thought of soup as is for someone who is sick but I was wrong, not when you have something like this on your bowl! It’s so delicious and healthy, every bite is bursting with hearty flavor. I love how there’s all these different types of soups out there nowadays. The only soups I’ve known are Tomato Soup, Chicken corn soup and Sweet corn soup, (TBH, I wasn’t really into soups so didn’t care much to look around)…but then I came across this one and a few other … Continue reading Curried Lentil Soup

Giant White Chocolate Pecan Cookies

Anyone can be picky when it comes to desserts and ice-creams but when it comes to good ole’ cookies… Ah, it’s hard to say no! Especially when it’s soft and DELICIOUS like this one. These babies get slightly crunchy around the edges but still soft and chewy in the centre. Every bite is bursting with flavor and yumminess! My favorite thing about this recipe is that it that little, yummy condiments get into it, things I wasn’t expecting¬†such Pecans and… Oh, you’ll have to read the recipe to find out ;P ¬† While making these cookies, I was praying that … Continue reading Giant White Chocolate Pecan Cookies