Grapefruit and Rosemary Mocktail

Ingredients Rosemary Simple Syrup: 1 cup water 1 cup granulated sugar 3 sprigs of rosemary Mocktail per 4 glasses: 2 cups fresh grapefruit juice ¼ cup of the rosemary simple syrup 4 cups sparkling water Method Rosemary Simple Syrup: In a small sauce pan on the stove, add 1 cup of water and 1 cup of granulated sugar over medium heat. Dissolve the sugar for about 5 minutes. Do not let the mixture boil or crystals will form. Once the sugar has dissolved, pour the simple syrup into a heat safe container. Add 3 sprigs of rosemary and let steep … Continue reading Grapefruit and Rosemary Mocktail

Peanut Date Energy Bites

4 ingredients and only takes 5 minutes to make – That’s catchy enough for me to make…Oh! and no baking required… I mean, how easyy?!?! These work perfectly for an evening or even a midnight snack. I try to avoid eating heavy snacks at night and when I came across this one, I had to give it a try. You should too Ingredients I cup dates 3 tbsp peanut butter 1\4 cup dark chocolate, roughly chopped or chips 2/3 cup rolled oats Method Pulse dates in a food processor of blender until they’re in small pieces Add oats, chocolate, peanut … Continue reading Peanut Date Energy Bites

Shakshuka and Feta Cheese!

Why go out when you can make delicious, restaurant quality brunch at home? I’ve been hearing and seeing all sorts of good things and gorgeous pictures about this meal all over the internet for a while. I had to give this recipe a shot and see what all the hype was about. I must say, I was impressed! Shakshuka is a middle Eastern dish made with tomatoes, onions ,eggs and lots of spices. What’s even better, it’s ready in an hour and you guys know how i feel about easy, delicious recipes! Try it to see for yourselves and if … Continue reading Shakshuka and Feta Cheese!

Caffè Mocha

  What is a mocha? In simple terms, its a delicious mix of coffee and decadent hot chocolate and If you are a lover of these two drinks like me, then you will love this easy recipe!! We have been hibernating and sipping on our homemade easy mocha all winter long!   You will need: 1 1/2 cups of milk 2 tbsp cocoa powder\ 3 tbsp dark chocolate or semi sweet chocolate chips 1 cup freshly brewed coffee of your choice I like to add Marshmallows or whipped cream as a topping Method: In a medium sized pan, combine the … Continue reading Caffè Mocha

Healthy Green Smoothie

I’m sure we’ve all heard of the famous green smoothies and all the fancy concoctions that they’re made of. In this post, I would like to share a recipe we’ve been loving recently! The best part is you probably have all the listed ingredients in your kitchen this moment. I will list what I usually use along with other equivalents that would make the smoothie even yummier! What you will need: 1.5 cups water or coconut water 1 big handful or Spinach, Kale, or Collards 1-2 cups of banana, any berries, apples, or mango 1 date + 1 tsp grated … Continue reading Healthy Green Smoothie

Apple Coffee Cake with Cream cheese filling

I still had a few apples remaining from our recent apple picking trip and I had to cook them before they went bad. After a lot of web surfing and pinteresting, I came across this easy pick. I had all the ingredients at home which worked out to my favour. The aroma filled up every corner of our condo – like for real! The smell of cinnamon baking with butter brought my husband into the kitchen repeatedly to see if the cake was ready! The cake tasted just as delicious as it smelt! Crunchy on the outside but soft on the … Continue reading Apple Coffee Cake with Cream cheese filling

Banana bread smoothie bowl

What better way to start a morning than an easy 5 minute smoothie bowl? Have you ever had one for breakfast? if not, you’re not alone. This was my first time making a breakfast smoothie bowl and I was impressed with how easy and delicious it turned out to be. Perfect for a weekday too – literally took me 5 minutes! Its hearty, healthy and yummy… So you know you’re not getting hungry anytime soon after having this bowl of deliciousness! Give it a shot, lemme know what you think 😀 INGREDIENTS 2 frozen bananas 1 cup milk or almond … Continue reading Banana bread smoothie bowl