Keeping my skin hydrated through the winter

If you’re living in Canada or in a country that gets really  cold, then you know how dry the winter can make your skin! This time the winter in Toronto was very harsh, it went down to -30 degrees but thanks to these products, my skin was able to survive Cetaphil Daily Moisturizer SPF 15 I recently purchased this product from shoppers drug mart and I am in love with it! It leaves my face feeling soft and hydrated. One of my favorite things is that it doesn’t get absorbed very quickly, leaving my face feeling hydrated and dewy. One of … Continue reading Keeping my skin hydrated through the winter

Our trip to Tobermory 2017

If you have been following me for a while then you know I like to make the most of my weekends. The weekend is when we get to treat and pamper ourselves by doing things that make us happy such as going to cute coffee shops, dressing up and going on date nights, shopping sprees and the list goes on. But when there’s a long weekend, we love to go away. Doesn’t have to be far, a location that’s close, rich in history, gorgeous scenery and beautiful coffees will do 😉 With that being said, A few months ago, we … Continue reading Our trip to Tobermory 2017

Some of my all time favorite perfumes

I love wearing perfumes. Not only does it make me feel and smell good, but it boosts my self confidence…and if you must know, I am always out there searching for various ways to be more confident. I have a little weird confession about myself, I may be a slight perfume hoarder. I’m always trying to use as little as possible so I don’t run out or have to buy the same one again lol Today in this post, I am sharing some of my favourite scents. These are a little on the high end side but that’s because I … Continue reading Some of my all time favorite perfumes

Pre- wedding Kiehl’s beauty haul

A little less than a year ago, before this blog was born, I was getting married and like any other bride, I had to make sure my wedding went perfectly and that began by taking care of my skin. Apart from the scheduled facial appointments, I needed to have something at home to keep the glow on! So… a $$$ damage was done at a Kiehl’s store. Below are the products I bought and with which I also received some free samples…yay! PS: I ran out of the cleanser I bought and forgot to take a picture of it, but I’ve … Continue reading Pre- wedding Kiehl’s beauty haul

6 Simple Beach Essentials

Summer is finally here and what better way than spending it on the beach? we recently went to Cobourg Beach which is about a ninety minute drive from Toronto. Though it was a little cloudy and a tad bit chilly, my beach essentials came in handy! Below are a few of my fav must haves when making a trip to the beach! 1. Sunscreen.  We all know the importance of Sunscreen! I always make a point to wear sunscreen every time I leave the house and wearing it to the beach is essential. I make sure to apply some on … Continue reading 6 Simple Beach Essentials