Hello everyone,

Thank you for checking my page.

This new passion of blogging has struck and what better way of sharing recipes, DIY projects, travels, food etc with you all than blogging right? I have a ‘Dear Diary’ category,  which I plan on sharing my personal thoughts and experiences, everything else will go under the specified categories. I hope you enjoy reading everything I share 🙂

A little about me

I am from a little island called Mombasa which is in Kenya. For those of you who don’t know where that is, it’s in East-Africa. I was there until high school and then continued to follow my dream of becoming a Psychologist to Orlando, Fl. U.S.A. I managed to get my bachelors degree and some work experience all in the beautiful Sunshine state.

In the midst of working, I met this handsome, charming man who is now my husband who also resides in Toronto, Canada. We had our wedding in my hometown and now I am residing with him in this busy but beautiful city of Toronto. It’s all so new to me; living with someone new and in a fast paced city! Having grown up in a tropical island with a laid back lifestyle to a “Vacation spot” with also a slow and relaxed lifestyle, to a busy one is quite the change! I love it, cant complain!

With all these new experiences and changes in my life, I was inspired to share it all, hence this blog 🙂 As mentioned above, I will be sharing recipes because I love cooking, along with our travels, and my DIY projects. Lets see how it goes as I’ve never been much of a ‘sharer/blogger’. I hope my stories are able to keep you intrigued at all times 🙂

Where else can you find me? 

Instagram: Chroniclesofanewbride
Twitter: Chroniclesbride
Email: Chroniclesofanewbride@gmail.com

Follow me along on this adventure, let’s be friends and get to know each other 🙂


Arzina Xo


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