Some of my all time favorite perfumes

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I love wearing perfumes. Not only does it make me feel and smell good, but it boosts my self confidence…and if you must know, I am always out there searching for various ways to be more confident.

I have a little weird confession about myself, I may be a slight perfume hoarder. I’m always trying to use as little as possible so I don’t run out or have to buy the same one again lol

Today in this post, I am sharing some of my favourite scents. These are a little on the high end side but that’s because I wear them often AND are so worth the price

1. Gucci Guilty by Gucci

I wear this one mostly when I’m out on a date with my husband. I LOVE the smell, It’s very sexy and automatically puts me in a romantic mood. That doesn’t mean I don’t wear it otherwise. It’s just one of those scents where it is to be worn “at night”… 

2. Romance by Ralph Lauren

I would describe this as a more sensual/seductive type of fragrance. I always receive compliments whenever I’m wearing this; It’s a relaxing yet striking scent

3. Chance Chanel by Chanel

Oooh I would wear this for an all day event or even to an eventful afternoon! The floral scents interwinds Pink Pepper, Jasmine and Amber Patchouli which in turn gives you a rich and sensual scent which is a definite yes!!

4. Dolce by Dolce & Gabbana

This scent is made of the flower called White Amaryllis which is solely found in South Africa. The buds grow at different speeds hence each will provide a different intensity of scent. A special type of technology is used to extract the exact scent without crushing the flower! The bottle and scent is so cute and girly, makes me feel a girly girl.

Are you a perfume enthusiast like me? Which ones are your favorite?








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