6 Simple Beach Essentials

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Summer is finally here and what better way than spending it on the beach? we recently went to Cobourg Beach which is about a ninety minute drive from Toronto. Though it was a little cloudy and a tad bit chilly, my beach essentials came in handy! Below are a few of my fav must haves when making a trip to the beach!

1. Sunscreen. 

We all know the importance of Sunscreen! I always make a point to wear sunscreen every time I leave the house and wearing it to the beach is essential. I make sure to apply some on the face, hands and legs especially when I know i’ll be playing ball!!

Pro tip: I love the spray bottles. They provide a very convenient way of applying sunscreen all over your body. It’s an absolute must have in your beach bag!


2. Sunglasses.

These are a necessity for pretty much any outdoor activity. Ideally, carrying an extra, inexpensive pair, would be a good idea so you wouldn’t be worried about them breaking or getting scratched. I however, only own one pair and that’s what I took with me. Luckily, they didn’t break or get scratched!


3. Beach hat. 

I love beach hats! I think they are adorable and make the whole outfit look so much cuter! What’s even better is that it acts as a shade and protects your face and neck from the sun!


4. Reading material.

For me, I’d rather play beach volleyball or do some watersports but there are times where I just want to lay down and enjoy some quiet reading time! Depending on your mood, I suggest either taking a magazine or your favorite novel.


5. Beach Bag.

Isn’t that a necessity? I mean where else would you carry all your cute items like the ones mentioned above? I like a cute beach tote for myself where I can store my own personal items. I usually do carry another bag where I store other items such as a towel, a picnic blanket, bathing suit etc

Pro Tip: To protect my essentials, I prefer a bag with some sort of water resistance to keep the moisture away from my electronics.


6. Water/Liquid. 

Playing ball out in the sun or even swimming makes me very thirsty and having a water bottle nearby is essential to stay hydrated.

Pro Tip: To stay hydrated and energized, electrolytes are an absolute essential when playing in the sun I personally prefer coconut water but that can be easily substituted with your go to gatorade.


What do you like to carry when you go out to the beach? Comment below!

With love,

Arzina XOX


4 thoughts on “6 Simple Beach Essentials

  1. Lovely post, so jealous of your summer time! Haha I pack the exact same things, but also add some crisps or fruit coz the beach always makes me hungry! Hahah xx

    Liked by 1 person

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