A night spent Stargazing

This post is waaay overdue!!
Okay, let’s get to it! we’ve been wanting to go stargazing for a while and we finally got a chance to do so. Unfortunately, It wasn’t a good night to see the Northern lights, but let’s hope soon especially coz Summer is coming up and we won’t be freezing while we’re out there unlike the past two times we were there! hah!

After long days of planning, intense forecast studying, and searching for clear skies , we got lucky, that a perfect clear night happened to be on a Saturday, and you know what that means, no early morning routines the next day, we were able to stay out for as long as wanted! Our friend, Noorie, rated this place as the best for stargazing and it sure was!!

We’ve been out there two times already, one was just us, hubby and I and the second time was with a bunch of friends. I have posted the pictures below, take a look at them and let me know what you think. The experience was splendid! It was quiet and so peaceful, no cars,no people honking at each other, or loud trains passing!  There is a lake at this location, so that’s the only sound you’d typically hear, the water. The sky was lit with the stars and after taking a few photos, we could even see the stars that were not visible to the naked eye. I can only imagine how much more you could see with the Telescope, probably the most terrific of views ever!

When we went the first time, the Moon was still up high so our pictures didn’t come out the best as it was too bright and in order to get a good sight of the stars, there should be no other source of light… (BTW it was that day, where we appreciated the moonlight haha). The second time however, we went when there was a new moon so It was pitch dark. we to had to use flashlights to get around the park BUT the sky looked gorgeous with more stars than I’ve ever seen!!
PS: Since we had a professional photographer on board, we let ourselves rest and let her take all the pictures ;).. Ohhh, and…drum roll please… we also took a silhouette 🙂

First trip:






Second Trip:

PC: Happy Films Photography 
PC: Happy Films Photography 
PC: Happy Films Photography 
PC: Happy Films Photography 
PC: Happy Films Photography 

Quick tip for those planning a stargazing trip:

  • Pick a clear night (no cloud coverage)
  • Make sure there is a new moon cycle
  • Go when the night is at its darkest (approx. 10-2am)

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. Have you ever star gazed? or even better, seen the Northern lights? If you live in Canada, where would you recommend going?

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Lots of Love,

Arzina Xo


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