How I Plan My Week!



Truthfully, I’ve had some trouble writing this post, it always ends up sounding so complicated than it actually is. Reason being, I discuss about my long term goals and how you should break them down into simpler goals and in a much achievable time frame when all I want to do is share how I plan my week! So now, in this post, after a lot of time and thought processing of what exactly needs to be mentioned, I bring to you today my post on “HOW I PLAN MY WEEK”. Let’s skip the whole nine yards and just get to the point straight up, shall we?!

Just so you guys have some context, I am currently waiting for my work permit so that I can start working. In the meantime most of my day is spent blogging, reading, cooking/baking, working out, playing badminton and volunteering at Sunday school- those pretty much make up for most of my current lifestyle. On a side note, going back to my long term goals, most of these activities are a means to accomplishing my long term goals. I look at them as my objectives to achieving my goals – Now back to planning my week…

Planning my week is simple: I will break it down in point form and hopefully it’s easy to follow:

  • I plan my week preferably on the weekends. Along with a cup of coffee/tea and some quiet alone time. It takes me around 15-20 minutes to have my week planned.
  • I write down any event that may be taking place on a specific day of the week and the time. For example I go for Badminton every Friday so I will write down: 8-10:30pm Sports or I teach at Sunday school from 11-1pm. I do not count the extra driving time, I calculate that in my head and keep that in mind when noting down my duties.
  • Thirdly, I go on and write down all the activities that make up my daily routine along with the time for example going to the gym at 11-12pm or making dinner from 2-4pm etc
  • If I have meetings, I also write those down. My pro planner tip – always write down the address and phone number along with the appointment; that way I have all the information right there. (I am old school like that, I prefer the paper and pen method as opposed to scheduling on my phone-hah!).

I avoid any kind of distractions because it will slow me down on achieving my weekly objectives which will furthermore sustain me from achieving my long term goals. That however, is not the sole purpose of why I have a planner! Staying consistent and following your plan is very critical, it builds principle, fosters order, patience, trust and belief in yourself. When you go back to your planner at the end of the day you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment. This is very critical, in my opinion, to instill consistency, which in turn will keep motivated in achieving and progressing towards your long term goals. Trust me, consistency is everything!!

A quick back story of how I got back into using a planner!

I was a lot more organized when I was back in College. I had all sorts of markers, highlighters and different colored pens that I would use to write on my planner, after all we did have a bunch of quizzes, projects, exams etc etc  and then as I grew older. I sort of lost it. Up until last year when my life was a “total hot mess” as my friends would say, I realized that I need to regain this beneficial habit, and believe me, having a planner is a life saver. It helps me manage my daily routine and everything runs as planned as long as I am on schedule.

*At the end of every year, I take some time and revise and update my “Long term goals”. I make sure to note what changes have happened, what I have achieved and what I haven’t yet. I have a little notepad or a journal where I write how I progressed in that year. That, however, gives me a rough idea of what my new year will look like and what challenges I need to overcome. The reason I am sharing this specific point is because it helps me stay consistent with my plan because I am serious on achieving my goals! (A tip I think that could help you).

I may not be the most organized person you will meet but hey practice makes perfect.

Feel free to comment and share your ideas on how you plan your week. How do you achieve your goals? Please enlighten me, I would love to hear your thoughts 🙂

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Lots of love,

Arzina Xo


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