I Chose Happiness, What Do You Choose?





I chose to talk about this topic because I felt it was necessary. There are so many people out there who have such low self-esteem which in return makes them depressed all the time when they are actually capable of achieving so much-they just don’t know it yet! Life is beautiful but it’s also full of ups and downs, and that is okay right ? coz if everything went our way then it would be very boring. This way, we’re building ourselves as we move forward. The downfalls make us stronger and help make us the person we are destined to be.

My life has always been a roller coaster ride, believe me when I say that, and unlike now, before it always used to get to me. With time, and the right people by my side, I have gotten stronger and am now in a much better place – If I can do it, so can you!

Yes, I do have my down times, everybody does, it’s normal, and I let it be. But not for long. I cry it out, and then get back up and move on with my day because at the end of the day, taking care of oneself starts from within.

I would like to share a few things I do when I am feeling down, and I truly hope these few tips can/will help someone out there as well 🙂

♥It’s okay to cry!

People think crying is weakness, I disagree. Sometimes, It just takes a few tears to feel better. Shedding tears help clear toxins, relieve stress and helps clear the mind as well. According to Frey,”crying is not only a human response to sorrow and frustration, it’s a healthy one.” Crying over every little thing is not good, but once in a while a good cry is necessary.

♥Workout…or in my case, dance

I love dancing. Ever since I was young I’ve enjoyed dancing, be it at weddings, or at the gym for Zumba or playing the “Just Dance” game on Wii with my friends. It always leaves me feeling refreshed and happy and it’s FUN!!. Try and exercise, if not everyday then every other day. It can be anything from running to weight training to group classes. It will help you stay in shape, you will build your  confidence and self-esteem, and that my friends, is key!

♥Remove negative people from your life

This is not an easy step but it’s a necessary one. I’ve had people in my life who were very pessimistic and brought a lot of negative feelings which ultimately hindered my aura and confidence. I would get confused because everyone else around me  was consumed by their shortcomings in their own self. With time, I met people who were much more optimistic, lively and supportive and that helped rejuvenate my self belief making me more confident in myself – growing my self-esteem. That’s when I realized it’s very important to be in the company of good, positive, trusting and intelligent people.

♥Spend time with people who genuinely care about you

I always feel safe around my family and my husband. I know for a fact that no matter what they will always be there by my side, through my highs and lows, ready to lift me up when I am down. They accept me and love me for who I am. You need to find someone genuine who you know deep in your heart, will always be there for you, and spend time with them – make them your priority.

♥Do something that you enjoy

I LOVE BABIES!!! Ah a baby… such a blessing! I can’t wait to get my own but however since I am not yet ready for my own, I helped my mother raise my baby brother, in fact I still do. Believe me, nothing beats the feeling of having to care for a child. It might be tiring but just seeing them smile, makes my heart melt. Similarly, find what intrinsically makes you happy and make sure to make time for it as these little things will help you in your path to happiness.

In a nutshell, what I am trying to say is – DO THINGS THAT MAKE YOU HAPPY. If it’S shopping then go ahead and get some retail therapy, I need that even when I’m happy ;).  If it’s having desserts or cooking, Yoga, whatever.. Just do it!! (Nike-y style ;)) [I make lame jokes, I know lol]. Anyway, I hope my longgg post didn’t bore you.. What do you all do when you’re upset? Feel free to enlighten me 😀

Remember to always stand proud and beautiful coz that’s what you are!!

Don’t forget to find me on Instagram and Twitter.. I would love to hear from you!

Much Love..

Arzina Xo


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