Secrets To An Active Start Of The Day

Are you one of those who is active one day and lazy the next? Well, you’re not alone. I am sure there are many of us out there who are like that, including me!! There are days where I wake up and have a wonderful, active day, where I manage to do all my chores and run all my errands and then there are days where I get nothing done and spend the day being a total couch potato.

Well, that had to change. By studying and experimenting my everyday actions, I managed to come up with a few tips that I think will help you guys achieve that energized, active day you might searching for because it sure did help me. Let me make one thing clear though, I ain’t no superwoman or nothing, I do come across those days where I just want to relax, eat and binge watch tv shows. I let myself do that, because why not?! We all need a break from our daily routines right?!

Sleep Schedule

Try sleeping and waking up at the same time everyday. Messy sleep schedules will cause you to be tired and sloppy because you are confusing your body of when it need to be alert and when it’s supposed to be sleeping and eventually that will make you tired and grumpy everyday- and no one likes to be near a grumpy person!!

Bathe in Sunlight!

Once you are up, open up the windows/ blinds,and bathe in the sunlight.This will help your body wake up because when it is dark, your body will want to push your wake up time to later. Good suggestions are go for a walk or stand in your balcony where there is enough sunlight or have breakfast by a sunny window. If you are somewhere where it’s always gloomy, then turn some indoor light on- It’ll help.

Freshen up!

This one works really well for me. I should title this point: “BRUSH YOUR TEETH” but that would be weird.. or not.. Anyway, let’s continue. So, I have noticed that when I brush my teeth in the morning, I am instantly wide awake, not sure what it is about brushing but yeah.. and a nice, hot long shower, I am so ready to take on the day lol There are times where I shower a little later during the day (especially when I am just home), it makes me feel sluggish, but when I do shower early in the morning, I’m much more active and ready to start the day


Yes, yes, I know you know that we should be eating a healthy, hearty breakfast. Go ahead and do that, just make sure that while you are enjoying those yummy foods in the morning, remember meeee!!!… lol nah, please don’t, I’m only joking lol but on a serious note, make sure you are consuming Proteins AND Carbs. (Psst.. It helps lose weight!!) Yogurt, boiled eggs, toast, fruits are good examples


Okay so you don’t have to go crazy here, a half hour stroll is good enough, a quick run on the treadmill, or even some Yoga at home will do just fine. Meditation and doing exercise will not only put you in a positive and happy mood because of the Endorphins, it also decreases stress and in this stressful world, who doesn’t need a safe stress reliever right?!. Once you are committed to working out for at least 4 weeks, It shouldn’t be hard to make it an early morning routine. It’s a lifestyle change which will only bring you good vibes.. and I’m all about the ‘feeling good vibes’…

Stay hydrated

This is a very very important point. You must drink a tall glass of water when you first wake up because your body has been thirsty all night. Hydrating it, first thing in the morning, preferable before breakfast will jumpstart your metabolism, it helps you stay full longer and flushes out the bad/extra toxins!!

I hope I didn’t bore you, try these few tips I shared and see if they help you feel more awake and active throughout the day. What do you guys do to have a good start in the morning?

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With love,

Arzina Xo



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