Our first birthday/long weekend getaway!!

Hello Everyone,

For those living in Canada, I hope you all had a great Family Day weekend as much as we did.

Quebec City has been on the top of the list for a while now and we finally got to go there this past weekend…kid you not, we will be going back very soon! We loved the place!

It’s such a cute city… with hills and mountains, little cute boutiques and alleyways- Oh so pretty! We felt we were in Europe which is my ideal holiday spot.. We haven’t gone on our honeymoon yet but when we do, it will, hopefully, be somewhere in Europe.. With that being said, you can only imagine how excited we were about our first trip together!! Yes, we travelled back here from Kenya (where our wedding was held) and yes, we also went to Algonquin trail park but this was different- this trip was more like a… getaway lol

A friend of ours told us about the Winterlude festival in Ottawa. It was all about the “Ice Dragon Boat Festival” ice-skating, snow sculptures and oh! the famous Beavertails. For the race, there were participants from all over North America racing down the Rideau Canal Skateway!! (I will share a fun fact about this canal at the end of this blog- So keep reading ;))





I’m familiar of boat races happening on water, this was rather new to me and apparently the second time happening in North America- So that made it fun and exciting. I managed to share a few videos on my snapchat (@cantgetshiright)

Let’s talk a little about the famous beavertails. So we were discussing it in the car whether or not to have the beavertails and my husband described it as a ‘waffle’ (because he’s tried it before) and said it wasn’t all that and didn’t understand all the hype about it and then there was me who wanted to try it because of all the hype lol So we tried it and he loved it
-_- . I chose the Hazelnut chocolate flavor while he chose the Cinnamon and sugar one. It was devoured within minutes. It could also be that we were starving at that time but we sure did enjoy the beaver tail, by the end of it, I had chocolate all over my face lol



After the yummy snack, and Philly cheese steak subs, that I made at home for the road, we headed toward Quebec City. We didn’t want to waste too much time as we had another 4 hours on the road.

It was such a pretty drive, long stretches of rocks with snow on them, plain of clean snow, hilly road, oh so pleasant!. We finally got there and after a tad bit of snacking, we slept- as we were both exhausted.

We wake up to a beautiful Sunday- Weather was a little chilly but a light sweater and gloves did us just fine. We decided to hang around “Old Quebec” and go around the “Petit Village” where they had cute boutiques, coffee shops and beautiful ice-sculptures all over the village.

There’s only 4 words I can use to describe how/what we thought about ‘old Quebec” – We fell in love. We were awed but the beautiful tiny streets, the french people, the cute bakeries and coffee shops, the streets. There was so much culture, creativity, color in those streets. We literally felt like we were in Europe!!










Walking around all day got us exhausted by the night, so sleeping early was the plan, of course after some dinner. Sunday’s agenda made a little hard to fall asleep because we were going to the ICE HOTEL AND have some snow fun (Read on, I’ll explain exactly what)

With me being around, we HAD to have breakfast because that’s the first thing I think about when I wake up, “BREAKFAST”!! Googled a restaurant near by and with some good reviews,  the decision got easier, “Ben & Florentine”. I can only say that if you ever visit this beautiful city, you MUST have breakfast here. Everything felt so real, like their food is from the Farmers market and not from the lab, their portions are huge, prices are not too bad, and it all just tasted so good.


I find it fascinating that they actually have an ice hotel that people can lodge in. It is closed during the Summer because it does melt down and then they have to rebuilt it for the Winter!






They had an ice bar as well




They even had a spa lol – Me getting frustrated at my feet for being numb from the snow!!

Once we were done, posing and being fascinated by the ice hotel, we headed for some snow activity- Tubing! It was my honey’s first time ever, so didn’t know what to expect and I couldn’t wait to see his reaction lol

I love it how in the Summer, this park turns into a water park and during the winter its tube park! – I swear, Intelligence is key!!



I initially wore white pants but I didn’t want them getting dirty so had to change to something darker.

Soon as we were done jumping around, we had to head back as it was getting late and we had 8 hours of driving waiting for us and work the next day!! blah! We left at around 5pm and got home at around 1:30am after the few breaks we made.

This trip may have been short, it was beautiful and fun filled. We will be heading there again for sure- Maybe this time in the Summer 😀

The fun fact that I made you guys wait for, is that, the Rideau canal skateway, is the world’s largest ice rink!! If you want to learn more, you can click here

I hope you all enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it all for you. Feel free to ask me anything, I will try my best to answer. Otherwise, do not forget to follow me on instagram , Twitter and snapchat (@cantgetshiright)


Arzina XO


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