Hey 2017,What you got going on for me ?

  • Married- Check
  • Happy- Check
  • New Home- Check
  • What now-Waiting…

Every girls dream is to get married to her prince and be happy. My destiny had me waiting for my prince while I fixed myself up and when time was right, I most definitely found my prince. After 1 and a half years of talking, and toward the end of 2016, I SAID YES! We had a beautiful wedding and now we’re here living together in the home of Niagara Falls- Canada!

Now that I am here with my  visitors visa, We had 3 months to send my extension visa and get a work permit. It took us just that long to figure it all out, all the forms and extra documents ready and a month to work on it properly and send it.

We had to get Birth certificates of my whole family and myself, background checks, police reports, fill out all sorts of forms- which got frustrating because some forms had questions where they were asking me of all the activities made since I was 18 without leaving any time gaps! That one took forever because between 18 and now, I have travelled to many places, studies, worked, and was unemployed in between; I had to make sure I put in all the detail otherwise my application would be void.

On top of that, we also had to work on a different set of forms proving our marriage, printing pictures, naming people who knew us and including their addresses and numbers, brief descriptions of all the times we’ve met and what not- Good thing for us is that we’ve known eachother since 2014 so we didn’t have a problem proving our relationship. It was actually fun- We got to make fun of eachother about a few things, mostly reminisce the good times we’ve had- So that’s always fun right?!

Now that all that is done and dusted in 2016, we wait patiently to hear back which is important because it will give us an idea of what our next few steps shall look like.

Anywhooo, At the meantime, I will continue posting fun DIY’s, recipes, and lifestyle posts for you guys. I always look forward to hearing back from you guys!!

You can also follow me on Instagram: Chroniclesofanewbride

Thank you for stopping by 🙂 Have a wonderful day

With love,

Arzina Xo


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