Best Method for cleaning your makeup brushes

Hello Ladies…or whoever may be reading this post.. 🙂

I hope you’re all excited for New Year’s as much as I am. I know I will be going out for the countdown and some good fireworks tonight with my husband wearing something fashionable and I will load my face with makeup because I don’t always get a chance to.

I also know that using dirty brushes with makeup residue is bad for my skin, It will cause Acne which is a no no!!, dirty makeup brushes is where the bacteria live and we don’t want to paint our faces with bacteria right? not to mention cleaning our brushes help them last longer and the application of makeup will  be much smoother!!! Anywhoooo- now that you get the importance to cleaning these little tools, Let’s get to the method!! – Oh btw the way, you can use the same method to clean your beauty blenders 😀

This is what my brushes look like before I washed them. Yellow and dirty!
I mixed up some amount of Olive oil and Baby shampoo(You can even use antibacterial soap), wet the bristles with some water and then dipped it to the mixture and swirled it gently around on my palm to clean it 
While you’re cleaning your brushes, you will see the dirt drip off your palm- That is what I saw while cleaning my brushes
Swirl for about 5 minutes or at least until you feel they are clean, open the tap and with Lukewarm water, swirl the brush again on your clean palm, making sure all the soap and residue it out of the brush ALSO.. Important- Do not Dip the brush fully into water or let the water get to the middle/metalic part of the brush- The bristles will loosen up and fall off
Slightly squeeze off all the water from the bristles 
and lay them down on a paper towel to dry. 
Don’t they look better than the first picture? They’re all clean and ready to use. 

So you guys must be wondering why olive oil or why baby shampoo? Because, the olive oil helps keep the bristles soft and the baby shampoo is gentle on the brush- no hard chemicals to mess with the bristles.


  • Do not use HOT water to clean the brushes unless you want to spoil those expensive beautiful brushes you got there
  • Do not dip the brush fully into water or let water flow on the middle/metal part of the brush- That is where the bristles are glued and if you pour water onto it, the bristles will fall off and your brush won’t be able to last long
  • Let them dry fully before you can use them
  • Try and clean your brushes at least once a month

Lastly, when you are done, moisturize your hands properly because moisturized and soft hands are a must!!

I hope this post was helpful and you guys learnt something new- If yes, please follow, like and share 🙂

Happy New Year!!!

Much love,

Arzina xo


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