First Chrismtas as a newly wedd!


This was our first Christmas together and we do not really celebrate Christmas per say, we still decided to dress up and enjoy the festive season with everyone else..

I had to fish through my closet to look for something I haven’t worn in a while and something that was night time friendly- So Lady bug striped it was! I do not remember where I got this beautiful elegant dress from but I wore it with a black inner top, black leggings and some flat boots- Wearing high heeled boots is very sexy but I was not sure If I’d choose sexy over comfort for that night, especially if we decided to go for a walk that night.

img_1124After some posing and clicking on pictures, we headed to the Eaton Centre mall which is in beautiful downtown Toronto. This gorgeous Christmas tree was in the mall and of course had to pose and click a few more with it in the background. We didn’t really need anything from the mall but the idea of “people watching” sounds like fun to me- not to sound creepy at all- but there are all sorts of things you can learn by just looking at people such as their outfits, makeup, fashion, ways to talking, walking- Its fun! lol – C’mon, I Can’t be the only one who enjoys doing that!!



For those who are familiar with downtown Toronto, know very well that this picture was taken by the Nathan Phillips square where the famous Ice rink is. No, we didn’t ice-skate because we were not dressed or reallyknow how to skate… It is in my bucket list to learn how to ice-skate though. We walked around downtown- Mostly around Nathan Phillips square and that’s where we decided to go to Niagara Falls and have dinner.


We had recently received a beautiful wedding gift from a close friend- a  gift card for two to choose from 5 good restaurants. We decided to go to Milestone because we had heard a lot of good reviews about it. We couldn’t agree more, the food was delicious and we chose this specific location because of the view, it was by the Falls – Unfortunately, I did not remember to take a picture 😦 LAME!

I wanted to take a picture with the falls behind me but with the temperature of -5C I didn’t think it was a good idea- It was FREEZING!! brrr… 

There was a line up of cars parked on the side of the road of people taking pictures of the falls and by time we got close, the beautiful lights that lit the falls all turned off because it just struck 12am. It was dark and my iphone wouldn’t be able to get a good shot of the falls…lame again I know! but lucky for us- I managed to snap and save this picture for my friends on snapchat so now you have an idea of what it looks like from this side.


That is the line up and I could have managed to run up there and click a pic so you guys can see it but it was freezing and the side shot wouldn’t have done justice to this wonder of the world. We will definitely go back there again ,hope to get a better picture and talk all about it on here for you guys 🙂

Well, that was how we spend our Christmas Eve – It was cute and romantic in its own way. I hope to get better at taking more pictures so you guys can see what exactly I am talking about.

If you got this far to reading my post then I am very thankful and happy 🙂

I hope to share more.. so stay tuned 🙂

Happy Holidays!!

Arzina xo


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