It’s sad that it has come to this… We have to say bye to each other. You have been wonderful to me and always brought me new and exciting blessings which I will always remember…  H O L D  U P!!! Are you guys thinking I’m saying all that to you? Naahh!! I was talking to 2016!! I feel sad that we have reached the end of this year. 2016 has been good to me but I know 2017 will be better so it’s more of a happy-sad feeling.

Usually it is around this time where everyone makes “new year resolutions” like losing weight (which BTW  is ranked the #1 as peoples new year resolution) some of the other popular resolutions are spending less and saving more or working on organizational skills etc! I can’t say I am not guilty; losing weight was my #1 resolution for a while as well.

But this time round, I am thinking of changing the rules. Instead of making New Year Resolutions, I thought of making some simple goals for what I’m already working on for example:

1)            Blog Posts

Posting more interesting topics such as more recipes, sharing more about my lifestyle because that’s what “chroniclesofanewbride” is supposed to be. Sharing my adventure with you all as a new bride and because cooking is one of my favorite hobbies, it has kind of taken over which is fine, a lot of you have told me that you love my food posts which make me very happy but I want to keep it all balanced with my lifestyle, DIY, and experience as a new bride stories (All coming up for you- something to keep you excited)

2)            Adding excitement on the website

I know I already have my blog up and running but there are a few changes I want to make such as add more menus to the menu bar, add more pictures and most of all making it easy for you guys to navigate around the site. I have been a little busy with other things that my husband and I have been working so I’m not really getting a chance to working on the website but now that everything is clearing up, I see myself having more free time.

I also wanted to mention that I hope to get a job soon and once I do, I’ll get all busy working, but because I’ve been really enjoying the blogging experience, I do not want to stop especially because I get such good and positive feedback from you guys. So I will try my best to continue posting and I can only hope to keep you coming back J

Well, that’s all for now. I just got the first batch of Laundry done; now I need to clean up the house and cook up something small as we still have lots of Beef Stew from last night’s dinner. I marinated the chicken wings so i’ll make that and we’ll have the Scalloped Potatoes as a side.

Thank you for visiting and I hope to see you soon


Arzina xo


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