DIY Makeup Brush holder


So since I moved from Orlando to Canada, I had to move all my stuff from there and due to me being broke, I could not afford to move ALL my stuff here and sadly enough I had to leave some of the things back there with my very kind cousin who agreed to store them for me while I figure out a way to get them all here.  👍💜

One of the things left behind was my make up brush holder and you know being a girl its hard not having all her make up stuff with her… I could not take it coz my suitcases were already overweight and the holder was too bulky.. 😨

After a while of using the make up bag for my brushes,  I decided to make my own holder using the finished and cleaned Salsa bottle and the  Christmas/festive season, I thought green and red would be the theme color.

So yeah! I made it and it looks really pretty.. Ill attach a picture for ya’ll to see and Ill explain how I made it below


  • I measure a silver net wrapper I had at home from a previous gift around the bottle, and cut up that piece 
  • Wrapped it around the bottle and tapped it
  • Got the green leaved from a gift as well, took off the root and opened it wide and stuck the bottom on to the silver wrapper using tape ( I could have used glue but I did not have any at that time) 
  • The little decor pieces are always used for incence in the Arabian culture and I had some lying around coz I also use them too. So I stuck those to the take and managed to tape it on to the green leaf…and there we have it.. 

It has all the christmas colors on it and looks pretty so I let it be and not to mention, it looks gorgeous on the dresser 😀

What do you guys think? How does it look? would love to hear from you!!


Arzina xo




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